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Wild Child Wednesday

One of my latest music discoveries–Wild Child. I came across the music duo when I was looking into ACL (Austin City Limits) after shows. I was in the mood for some new music and they happened to be it. From my first listen, I’ve been hooked. Straight out of the Austin music scene, they bring something new to the table. Their song Pillow Talk reminds me of a pretty spring day sitting underneath a willow tree, taking in the cool breeze.

Sadly I wasn’t able to make it out to their show for ACL, but that is on the top of my to do list for their next show. Their album is great. Listen to it while you drive around, during a lounge day at home, or even studying for that exam you are doing everything to not stress over. You’ll find your place of peace and solitude in all that is Wild Child. Plus, I love the fact that they’re from Austin. I think it’s always cool to hear a band/artist before they go mainstream.

So kick back, relax and take a listen.

Happy Wednesday!


Song on Repeat

The music of Stevie Wonder truly comes to life in this artist’s voice. Bluey Robinson truly has a voice that is addicting to listen to. His voice gives me chills and makes me feel the soul of the music. I found this video a while back and came across it again while jumping through different YouTube videos. I’ve got to say he is great inspiration to my paper I have due tomorrow. It’s like a flow of creativity, but that’s besides the point. Either way whatever you may be doing, whether you too are writing a paper, enjoying a glass of wine, or cleaning up the place take a listen because he is worth every second. Enjoy 🙂

Les is More: Ryan Leslie

Long awaited and it’s finally here–Ryan Leslie’s album Les is More. Being a huge fan of his, I’ve got to say that he does not get enough credit for his work–underrated for sure. With fourteen tracks all showing off his creativity, I felt like this album was going to be little bit of the unexpected for me. I’m used to his smooth and soulful singing. This time around Leslie shows off his rap game (with some singing on the side). I’ve got to admit I was a little nervous, because I absolutely love his singing, but I’d say that he did a good job while staying true to his artistic style.  His effortless flow to the simplest of beats comes to show– less is more. If you have ever watched a video of him creating a song, then you know how easy he makes it seem. With the skills, passion and perseverance Ryan Leslie is the artist to be on the look out for.

Here is his latest video, Swiss Francs, off his new debut album Les is More.

Be the Change

Hey there & happy Wednesday! I am so excited to say that today I participated in early voting. It is so exciting to feel and know that I, out of many, am getting to have a say in the future of our country. Remember that it is your right & privilege to do so. If you want to see change, be change. So let me ask you, when was the last time you let your voice be heard?

Teach Us


I woke up this morning to an email, from none other than my lovely mother. This quote is both beautiful in the words and design– I think it might be one of my new favorites. As you each start off your Saturday remember these words, and let them carry throughout your day &  more. Cheers to peace, love & happiness!



On Your Journey

While browsing around Barnes & Noble on Sunday afternoon I came across this card. I’ve got to admit it kind of spoke to me (cheesy I know), but for the weekend I had just had it was a nie reminder of how things really are. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in everything that I forget what really is good right now. 

And on a side not I’m just in love with artwork–makes me want to go on a vacation. Any ideas?

Live to Write & Write to Live.

I saw this journal one day when I was out shopping & couldn’t pass it up. I already keep a journal, so to be honest I had no idea what I’d be using it for. But things like these always end up having some kind of use. Plus I think the writer in me is just a sucker for these things. I especially love the quote, because it can really apply to anyone–writer or not. Just live life, so that you may have stories to share & beautiful memories of what was.

Hot Chocolate with a Spin

There’s nothing like Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate to go with a rainy day. I have tried some Mexican Hot Chocolates before, but no one does it like Holy Cacao. It’s pure chocolate bliss in your mouth from the first sip, and it doesn’t end there! The moment that you think that’s all it, it surprises you with a spicy little kick at the end. Today was my first time there, but let’s just say it definitely won’t be my last.

Smoothies for the Soul

No better treat after Sweaty Yoga than smoothies from Whole Foods. I highly suggest trying the Pretty in Pink & El Conquistador smoothies. They’re de-li-cious!

September Issue

I already can’t wait until fall & now with Vogue’s September Issue (the book of all that is fashion) in hand, I’m ready for the chai tea lattes, riding boots & big slouchy sweaters. And check out Lady Gaga on that cover–talk about glamor. From head to toe she looks absolutely flawless.