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"Aspire to inspire. Live to create. Change the world. Find meaning in your place. Love what is and be."

Month: August, 2012

Live to Write & Write to Live.

I saw this journal one day when I was out shopping & couldn’t pass it up. I already keep a journal, so to be honest I had no idea what I’d be using it for. But things like these always end up having some kind of use. Plus I think the writer in me is just a sucker for these things. I especially love the quote, because it can really apply to anyone–writer or not. Just live life, so that you may have stories to share & beautiful memories of what was.


Hot Chocolate with a Spin

There’s nothing like Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate to go with a rainy day. I have tried some Mexican Hot Chocolates before, but no one does it like Holy Cacao. It’s pure chocolate bliss in your mouth from the first sip, and it doesn’t end there! The moment that you think that’s all it, it surprises you with a spicy little kick at the end. Today was my first time there, but let’s just say it definitely won’t be my last.

Smoothies for the Soul

No better treat after Sweaty Yoga than smoothies from Whole Foods. I highly suggest trying the Pretty in Pink & El Conquistador smoothies. They’re de-li-cious!

September Issue

I already can’t wait until fall & now with Vogue’s September Issue (the book of all that is fashion) in hand, I’m ready for the chai tea lattes, riding boots & big slouchy sweaters. And check out Lady Gaga on that cover–talk about glamor. From head to toe she looks absolutely flawless.

Vintage Venture

New ring I bought last weekend at this vintage shop Blue Velvet.

Words of Joyce Meyer

I received this in an email from my mom & had to share . This could not be more true.

Fashion Week – Austin.

Walking around the mall today I came across a fashion show. Apparently it’s Austin Fashion Week – what do ya know?! It’s so exciting to see the new styles for fall. I can’t wait to check out all the local talent and new fall trends.