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Category: Food for Thought

Be the Change

Hey there & happy Wednesday! I am so excited to say that today I participated in early voting. It is so exciting to feel and know that I, out of many, am getting to have a say in the future of our country. Remember that it is your right & privilege to do so. If you want to see change, be change. So let me ask you, when was the last time you let your voice be heard?


Teach Us


I woke up this morning to an email, from none other than my lovely mother. This quote is both beautiful in the words and design– I think it might be one of my new favorites. As you each start off your Saturday remember these words, and let them carry throughout your day &  more. Cheers to peace, love & happiness!



On Your Journey

While browsing around Barnes & Noble on Sunday afternoon I came across this card. I’ve got to admit it kind of spoke to me (cheesy I know), but for the weekend I had just had it was a nie reminder of how things really are. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in everything that I forget what really is good right now. 

And on a side not I’m just in love with artwork–makes me want to go on a vacation. Any ideas?

Live to Write & Write to Live.

I saw this journal one day when I was out shopping & couldn’t pass it up. I already keep a journal, so to be honest I had no idea what I’d be using it for. But things like these always end up having some kind of use. Plus I think the writer in me is just a sucker for these things. I especially love the quote, because it can really apply to anyone–writer or not. Just live life, so that you may have stories to share & beautiful memories of what was.

Words of Joyce Meyer

I received this in an email from my mom & had to share . This could not be more true.